Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cross Stitch - Be My Valentine

Designed By Esther Leavitt

This is a fun Valentine Cross Stitch! I hope you like the design I had a fun time making it. I made it to go in a 5 x 7 inch frame that you can put on your table or fireplace or whatever. It would also be fun on a pillow. I love to Cross Stitch I finished my 1st big project in High school and it is hanging over my piano. Cross Stitch is something you pass down to your kids. I would still like to know where my moms Cross Stitch of Rainbow Bright went to! :)


  1. We have the train cross stitch your mom did. The boys love it! You did a great job on this one too! The real test is how the back looks...

  2. True! If the back it as pretty as the front you are a true Cross Stitcher! I remember the that train. Mom was so excited doing that for Jeff. That one brings back memories.