Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Introduction Post

Yeah, I have sat down to write my very first post. I chose "Crafts by Starlight" It went with the meaning of my first given name and also because of being a mother, by day is full until the sun has gone down. Once the sun is down the stars are out, there is a peace in the house, and a time to breath. I can let down my hair, sit down, relax. I then can pick up a needle and thread or a hook and a string. I am able to take off the many hats I wear with multiple responsibilities attached and just sit and lose myself to mayself and for a moment be selfsih and do somthing for me.

I would describe myself as a "Jack of All Trades, but a Master of None." There isn't a craft or stitch that I can't figure out... but if I can't... A monster takes over and obsession rules until the puzzle is solved.

So my blog I will be sharing my Craft Ideas, obession and my orignal works and a bounticul array of "How To." I would also love to have shared input, ideas, and have a place to connect with others that might be just as obsessed as much as I, or have questions that need answers.

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